Between the 3rd and 5th October 14 adults and 11 local children joined woodsman Mike Ellis to learn basic greenwoodworking techniques. Of these four, attended full time for the three days. Using Carnoch hazel woods as a source of greenwood and the campsite flowertunnel as a venue for the workshop, the course was successful in teaching the basic skills required to work with greenwood, including the use of a shave horse, adze, axe and draw knife. As part of the event the local primary school children collected ca. 500 hazel nuts that they hope will help ensure the future of the woodland. There was much debate over the course of the three days as to how Carnoch should be managed, and whether it was possible to reinstigate coppicing of it with a view to supplying local craft materials.

Such was the success and popularity of the course that Mike has been invited back to give a one week coppice and greenwood skills course in the spring 2012.

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