Geophysical survey

As part of the Applecross Community Archaeology Project and in association with Rose Geophysical Consultants, in the autumn 2011 a geophysical survey was carried out over the former township of Langwell. There are some surviving earthworks visible at the site.

The investigation identified a wealth of anomalies many of which are thought to be archaeologically significant. There is good correlation between the results from the gradiometry and resistance survey. Both data sets exhibit a marked change in the nature of the responses in the east of the survey area corresponding to the recorded location of the former township. It is likely that what is being detected are general anomalies associated with the former settlement, the structures of which have been removed resulting in the lack of coherent responses indicative of buildings etc. Two very strong linear magnetic responses in the west of the survey area are puzzling. While it is tempting to interpret these as possible former field bounders associated with the former township, a natural or modern origin is more probable.

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