Broch Conference

On the 2nd of October 2010 the Archaeological Society  hosted a conference in Applecross where some of the country’s leading authorities on brochs gave presentations about the Applecross broch and the wider Iron Age context. The conference, which attracted over 120 local and visiting delegates, started with a tour of the site by the excavation team – Cathy Dagg, Cait McCullagh & Mary Peteranna, before moving to the village hall for talks by Professor Ian Armit, Steven Birch, Dr. Fraser Hunter,  Beverley Ballin-Smith, Tanya Romanciewicz and finished with an open discussion chaired by Dr Noel Fojut of Historic Scotland.

The Society is grateful to all the speakers for making the long journey to Applecross and to all the delegates for making the conference such a success.


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