Archaeological Trail

The extraordinary concentration of archaeological and heritage sites in the peninsula is one of the unique features of Applecross. As time passes however, physical signs of the existence of some have faded as they have become covered by vegetation or eroded by the elements. Many sites of great interest were obliterated by past forestry works, or their accessibility severely constrained by these coniferous plantings. Some now only linger in the memories of older members of the community, or in the archives of the Historical Society.

 In an attempt to try and safeguard a number of culturally important sites, a new archaeological trail is being devised that links well- and lesser-known places of historic interest. For the most part the trail will be low key and low cost, utilising existing trails, or comprising the snedding of new walking routes through existing plantation areas to reveal sites that have been largely hidden from the world for many decades.

The first phase of this work is focusing on the area around Torgarve, and snedding work and vegetation clearance has already opened up many hundreds of metres of trail, with waymarking or signage yet to be put in place. Sites of interest that will shortly be accessible include Torgarve township, a corn kiln, a round house and Langwell. Phase Two will connect the trail to the glen area. Once the walking line is completed and necessary waymarking installed, a self-guided leaflet will be produced providing information on the sites that can be visited. It is hoped that the new archaeological trail will not only ensure that a number of important archaeological sites are conserved, but also turn plantation areas that were formerly of negligible amenity value into places people might actually like to explore. 


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